Why Solange is amazing

Having an older sister is arguably one of the best things you can have. Particularly because they get told off for things first, and so as long as you’re smart, you can learn from their mistakes, generally get away with much more stuff that you definitely shouldn’t be doing.

When you’re younger, your identity is based heavily on theirs. For the first few years at school you’re known as their little sister – your first name is really only for the purpose of the register.

There are also the constant comparisons between you. You look similar, but one of you has a bigger nose, and one of you has to be branded ‘The clever one’. In general, one of you usually gets more good stuff than the other. That’s quite rubbish, but imagine if your older sister was branded ‘The sexiest woman in the universe’.

No one can deny that Beyonce is a real smasher – between her and Sasha Fierce, she’s everything we’re told modern women should be. She’s beautiful, confident, and fearless. How does a little sis follow that up?

If you’ve grown up together, the chances are you’re going to like a lot of the same things. Solange likes a sing-song too, and that’s ok. She’s done it her own way.

Could she have teamed up with the Carters and produce a pumping R n’ B tune? Yeah she could, and yeah it would probably be quite good, but she’s got her own friends. Beyonce has Diddy and Andre 3000, Solange has Marques Toliver and Kendrick Lamar to rock out with. They are all too different to compare, if you weren’t told – you wouldn’t make the connection between the sisters.

Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 22.21.15

Solange the Great

Solange also dresses like the coolest woman in the world. Some of it’s pretty unflattering to be honest – but she still always makes the best-dressed lists. You won’t catch her with bleach or straightness near her barnet. She’s known for style where Beyonce is known for sass.

She’s grasped the younger sister rule perfectly. To copy is not only a bit weird, it’s generally unobtainable and makes everyone think you’re a loser.

However, the main reason that Solange Knowles is amazing, is this song.


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