Man chocolate for Father’s Day

Dads will rarely tell you what they actually want for a present, so its usually best to get them something that you like too, just in case they don’t like it. There’s nothing more disappointing than seeing a carefully considered gift still in it’s packaging eight months later.

Unless your dad is down right insane, he’ll probably be a fan of South America’s finest export. Sure it’s addictive, but bringing a bit to parties always makes you popular. Yes, chocolate is a perfect Father’s Day gift, and it doesn’t have to be a boring box of Black Magic. Even if he says he likes it, the man deserves better.

Cocoa Mistress make their chocolate in Kent, but that’s not the only reason your dad might like them. Their ManSlabs don’t mess about with subtle, perfume flavours or delicate decoration – they are big chunks of proper chocolate, with things like nuts and ginger mixed in, in a very unladylike fashion. It’s filling chocolate, and for that reason you should help your dad eat this so he doesn’t ruin his dinner. The ManSlabs are £7.99, so you can definitely afford to treat him to some novelty socks too, especially if Father’s Day has fallen just after your payday.

Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 23.58.15

If your dad is one of those who can just eat a square of something delicious, and then save the rest for later (i.e. there is something not quite right about him), Cocoa Hernando is a good option. Their chocolate is inspired by travels all over the world. Perfect for dads who appreciate really good food – if you’re only going to get one (they’re only £4 each, so this option is really only acceptable if you are a student or have recently been made redundant), go for the Masala Chai inspired by India. If you’re not a fan of the chilli-chocolate combo that manufactures keep trying to convince us tastes nice, this Mexican chipotle chilli is actually a very acceptable version – definitely worth a try.

Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 00.00.52

There are some dads to which these delights would be a little wasted. These are the men who are really looking for quantity rather than discovering a new culinary delight. For these men, look no further than Cadbury Gifts Direct. There’s no need for anyone to step out of their comfort zone, and more importantly they provide the sheer quantity that many fathers crave. They do have personalised bars, but the real winner is going to be one of their treasure boxes. They are about £10 depending on the size you go for, and vitally will allow you to eat plenty without him noticing, unless your dad is a counter.


Have a happy Father’s Day, and don’t forget the hugs!


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