How to drink tequila on a school night

Most of us love drinking, and if you could drink as much as you’d liked and feel absolutely fine the next day then most people wouldn’t think twice about their alcohol intake.

A glass of wine, or gin and tonic doesn’t seem out of the question when you have work the next day, but would you settle down to a glass of tequila? It seems a bit flamboyant to be honest.

The association between tequila and a sweaty end of the night refreshment decision is a bit close for comfort for most people – but that’s probably because most of it isn’t ‘proper’.

The drunken ceremony of having a shot of tequila with lemon and salt was actually created as a marketing ploy to cover up the bad taste of cheap tequila. The real stuff actually tastes good.

Tequila should be made from 100% agave syrup, and contain no chemicals whatsoever. In short, chemicals = hangovers.

AquaRiva is a great choice for hangover haters – it’s made with 8 year old blue agaves and spring water. It also has instant glam points as it’s the baby of dad’s favourite and all round brilliant Cleo Rocos.


If you can’t get hold of it, a not quite as classy way of avoiding chemical cocktail intruders, would be putting a bottle of booze through a Brita filter to get rid of nastiness.

If you’re a bubbles fan, go for Brut – and anything dry will be much kinder to your head in the morning.

Tuesday night drinks are a gogo…


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