The best coats for looking rich

Highbrow dressing isn’t as hard as it looks – and it’s especially easy to achieve in winter with the purchase of just one item.

Buying a new coat is one of winter’s real treats, and here are three options for those who want their purchase to not only keep them warm, but to receive nods of approval from the odd toff.

Wear a coat made for the country, in the city.

 Of course it rains in cities just as much as it rains out in the country – but realistically the downpour will never, ever call for a wax jacket when you will never be more than two minutes away from shelter. Not only are these jackets only available in dull colours, they also smell quite revolting.  The sole purpose of wearing one in town is to heavily hint that you have a country pad, or a good friend with a ‘really awesome place’.

Buy from Barbour (of course).

Wear with desert boots and straight legged jeans

Don’t wear with wellies. Too much.




Wear a coat that makes your body look shapeless, and your legs look like sticks.

Big coats are great for hiding things in, and ironically are also quite popular with the thieving community. Historically, extra material on garments was a sign of wealth, so perhaps this look is a nod to the past.

Buy from Cos

Wear with very skinny jeans or tights

Don’t wear with anything flared




Wear an upgraded puffa jacket

Traditionally a favourite with chavs up and down the country, the puffa jacket is warm and practical, with the benefit of being available in a number of cheerful colours. When worn by the upper classes it is usually teamed with a sheepish grin associated with the knowledge that one of their friends is about to make a joke about what they’re wearing.

Buy from Moncler

Wear with a plain baseball cap and smart trainer

Don’t wear with a tracksuit bottoms



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