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Thoughts on Mainstream is a trend and lifestyle blog, which essentially means it will give you lots of ideas on how to spend your money. It won’t pressure you into it, as realistically it’s only words on a website – it couldn’t logistically make you do anything; it’s just here for you to peruse at your pleasure.

However, if you do feel that you are being pressured by this blog, please get in contact immediately. There is a very strict 5% tolerance policy on bullying.

Any who, Thoughts on Mainstream covers all sorts of things like food, clothes, and hobbies. So after twenty minutes reading, you could have thought of something you might like to eat one day (you might even be able to try it the same day depending on your location and product availability), a bit of cloth you might like, and you could have a brand new hobby. YOUR LIFE IS GOING TO POTENTIALLY BE A LOT BETTER AND MORE FULFILLED.

Do you have a Thought on Mainstream? If you do, get in contact. Just please bear in mind that if it is a bit boring it will probably be ignored.



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